Proposed Courthouse

National Judiciary Staff & Services (NJSS) –– issued an invitation in September 2022 to do up a concept
design proposal for the Namatanai Sub-registry Court House to be jointly funded by the National Courts
and the Namatanai District through its District Development Authority (DDA).
Scope of works called for the site investigation and architectural design and documentation of the
proposed Sub-Registry Court House Building in Namatanai, Kavieng, New Ireland Province.
The design philosophy is centered around the culture and functionality of the courts system. The functional
spacious are such that, they either relate to each other or have total isolation to protect and create
privacy and restrictions where required and called for. To contextualize the building, the form of the
building is defined by the roof style which gets its inspiration from the vernacular roofs of the traditional
thatch roofs of the Namatanai traditional Villages/hamlets.

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